We’re baaaack!

Tina Curby


"Wait. Did we used to have a school newspaper?" 

"Hey, what ever happened to The Bridge?" 

       If you've asked those questions, thank you; It's nice to have been missed! And yes, high school students printed the first issue of The Bridge back in October of 2005, but readers have not seen an issue in almost three years. Today, we're back. We are thrilled to be returning, but with a major change in the way we'll be delivering the news to our readers.          

     First, some background: After 15 years of publishing 'hard copies' of the paper, the Journalism class and The Bridge took a break during the 2019-2020 school year. During September of 2020, we initiated a "Digital Journalism" class with a brand-new staff and a goal of taking the paper into the digital age. 

       Led by senior Matthew Fraser ('21) as our student editor, our staff of all 'rookie reporters' spent the 2020-2021 school year exploring the world of journalism, learning how to conduct interviews, and writing various types of articles, from 'hard news' to opinion pieces. We originally planned to lay out and publish a few actual 'hard copies' (paper issues), while also developing a website that could present the news online to readers all over the world.  

       Unfortunately, as we were preparing to print and distribute Issue 1 in early November, the entire high school went to distance learning until mid-May. Class continued online, but efforts to publish slowed down significantly. Our reporters progressed in their writing skills as they persevered in attempting to contact sources, conduct online interviews, meet with Bridge advisor Mrs. Tina Curby, and finish articles, but we were still adding content and learning how to navigate the site as the school year ended. Our editor, Matthew, had spent months learning the school's CMS (Content Management System), designing our page on the official website, and publishing a few articles as he and other student reporters finished them, but he graduated before we could actually 'launch' the digital version of the paper!  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to him and all of last year's staff who worked so hard but never got to see the fruits of their labor.  

2020/2021 Digital Journalism class meeting online during the pandemic


       Two of those students--Theodora Bratu and Isabella DePue, who are seniors this year--decided to hang in there and return for the '21-'22 school year. Serving as our new 'editors,' they were joined by five underclassmen, all rookies, who signed up to learn about journalism, even though most had never seen our former school newspaper and had no proof they would get to see their names in print.