The "Best" Kürtöskalács Place in Diósd

Anna Segesvári

The "best" kürtöskalács place in Diósd

Do you know what kürtöskalács is? What’s your favorite flavor? Hungary is very well known for its traditional sweet pastry the "kürtöskalács." 

People from different countries as well as Hungarians love this pastry, but the Kürtöskalács stand in Diósd, near Johnny’s Bistro on Fridays, is considered one of the best in Hungary. It not only has a tasty pastry, but the place also has quite an interesting history and story to it.

The first time Mrs. Papdán Sarolta, the owner of the place, and her team brought their stand to Diósd was in September of 1998 at an event, which happened to fall on the Szent Gellért Nap. At that time kürtöskalács was not popular and well-known in Hungary. In fact, there were only three places in Hungary that sold kürtöskalács. Kürtöskalács was only really known through word-of-mouth, so people had to be convinced to try it. On that first day when Mrs. Papdán and her team came to Diósd, people loved their place, and the kürtöskalács they sold. Some mothers from around town asked Mrs. Papdán to come back once a week to sell her pastry. She agreed, but only if they would do the paperwork for the business, and the mothers did so. Since then, they come back every week, on Fridays, and sell their popular treat. Now, a great number of people are visiting them, and they are open every Friday from 10:30 to 18:00. They can also be found at different events around Budapest.

Mrs. Papdán Sarolta, the owner of the Kürtöskalács stand

People love their stand and pastry, but why? Mrs. Papdán said that first of all their kürtöskalács is delicious. They are always trying to make the best kürtöskalács around Budapest, and they pay much attention to quality. They are extremely happy about compliments, and they try to be family friendly all the time. They also have fair prices, which is very important according to the owner, and they also have their own secret recipe, which cannot be shared. Mrs. Papdán works with her women colleagues, but it is not an easy job at all. It is not a job where you have a price tag on something and you have to sell it, but you have to learn for months how to make a kürtöskalács. 

The Bridge staff asked ICSB’s staff and students about their favorite kürtösalács flavors, and the results were that the most favorite flavor is cinnamon, and the least favorite is peanut. Mrs. Papdán says that in the shop there is no favorite or most-sold flavor. It is different every day, and even every hour as far as what flavor they sell the most of. "People buy and like all of them equally," she said.

Since there are many expats (people who live outside their native country) living in and around Diósd, some language barriers could come up, but Mrs. Papdán said that is not the case. The workers understand the basics and they never have any language issues. The owner even speaks German, and the basics she needs to know in English, in order to sell the kürtöskalács. "There was never anyone who left without the kürtöskalács because of a language difficulty," she said. 

They are always tremendously happy when people go and buy kürtöskalács from them, and they not only have a very good pastry, but they are also always friendly and kind to their customers. So, if you want to have the best kürtöskalács, you should definitely visit them when you are around Diósd, on a Friday.

What is your favorite flavor? If you have been living in or around Diósd and have tried their kürtöskalács, but have moved away, do you miss their pastry? The Bridge staff would love to know your experiences and thoughts!