New Shadow and Bone Season Gets Thumbs-up From Fans of Books

New Shadow and Bone Season Gets Thumbs-up From Fans of Books
Theodora Bratu

The new Netflix series Shadow and Bone has been rated the number one most-watched in multiple countries including Hungary. It has pleased both new fans and fans of the book series. With an overwhelming amount of positive feedback— with 94% of the audience and 86% of critics rating it 3.5 stars or more—the only question remains, when will season 2 come out?  

What has warranted so much excitement for this fast-paced magical fantasy series? Two things: well-crafted material and a dedicated cast.  

Shadow and Bone follows two storylines from Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books: Shadow and Bone and a never-seen-before prequel to Six of Crows. These books are among the favorites of the YA (young adult) book community, and Leigh Bardugo was highly involved in bringing her books to life. The magic ingredient to such a wonderful book-to-screen adaptation must be Bardugo’s involvement. The plot sticks true to the book, pleasing book fans, while also addressing any criticisms the book had received in the past. What’s more, the prequel to Six of Crows was extremely well received. Many book fans remarked that the characters were on point even though they were put through a new story.  

We follow Alina Stankov, after she exposes her power as a ‘Sun Summoner,’ grappling with how she can save her country from the ominous Shadow Fold full of monsters. Naturally, the Crow Crew, led by Crime master Kaz Brekker, is sent on a heist to retrieve Alina for an unimaginable sum of money. Alongside the Crows, Nina Zenick is supposed to assist them in completing their mission but is suddenly captured by her ruthless enemies, the Fjerdans. These three stories intertwine to make up the plot of the show. Each story receives enough screen time so that the audience can connect with all the very different characters. At the core of all three stories interweaves themes exploring unbreakable friendship, conquering our inner monsters, and going above and beyond to do what’s right to vanquish all evil.  

So, are you ready to come alongside these remarkable characters and defeat the Shadow Fold?