Hardest and Easiest Classes

Isabella DePue

What do you want to get from high school? Do you want to have fun, focus on outside activities, and have easy classes, or do you want to challenge yourself and focus on academics?

Well, your high school schedule for the year has the power to dictate your year, in the sense that you could breeze through, struggle, or challenge yourself. 

Why would anyone take as many classes as possible? Well, some actually do it because they enjoy learning, while others do it for achievement and titles. This type of schedule would be difficult and challenging. While having a basis of a Bible, English, social studies, science, and a math credit the goal would be to take AP versions of all the classes. The school only recommends two APs a year, and only juniors and seniors are really encouraged to take them. So, sorry freshman and sophomores; no making your schedule the hardest it can possibly be! APs would increase your workload and make your year challenging. Also, to make your year exceedingly difficult, I would recommend taking absolutely no study halls. This is a sure way to fill up your schedule and remember you can fill elective blocks with AP electives as well! I want to let you know that you can also take classes online outside of ISCB if something is not offered or conflicts with your schedule. If you cannot take all your classes as APs, then here are some recommendations after questioning some of ICSB’s students. Western Civilizations, Chemistry, and Biology are seen as the most difficult classes. 

If your goal is to have an easy year, then I would recommend taking study halls, a lot of study halls. Of course, you must take a math, social studies, English, and Bible every year, but if you have met the other graduation requirements, you can fill the rest of your class periods with study halls or classes that appeal to you. According to students, Discrete Math and every year of Bible class were seen as the easiest classes, so I would also recommend taking those if you want to have an easier year. 

Your schedule can influence how your year goes, so I would recommend thinking about what you want from your year. And remember there is no right answer to this; it is up to you. Take charge and plan well, talk to teachers, students, and the guidance counselor to make sure you meet the requirements and get what you want and need from your high school career.