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How do you feel about the articles you’re reading here?  Do you have a news tip for our staff?  Want to agree or disagree with the views expressed in our editorials or reviews?  In addition to leaving comments on specific articles, you can write us a letter! Our student editors and faculty advisor will read every letter, and some will even be considered for publication. We’d love to hear from you. Please send your ‘letter to the editor’ to the address below, or just click the link!


Policy Statement

The Bridge, the official school newspaper of the International Christian School of Budapest, has been established to inform and entertain the student populace and extended school community while promoting and encouraging an open forum for response, expression, and opinion.  The content of The Bridge reflects the views of its student staff, not necessarily the views of the school administration. The Bridge and its staff are protected by and bound to official school policy and consent of the school administration, and will strive not to publish any material that is libelous, obscene, an unwarranted invasion of privacy, or a violation of copyright laws, nor material that it deems detrimental to the school process or atmosphere. The editorials and opinionated news stories published in The Bridge are the opinion of the staff as a whole, unless the author of the story is credited in a by-line. The Bridge will accept  letters to the Editor. However, the Bridge staff reserves the right to choose which submissions to publish and also the right to edit the content, length, spelling, and grammar of a submitted letter.