I Double Dog Dare You

Dan Bishop

For many of us, the phrase "Double Dog Dare" represents the ultimate challenge.  A challenge of such epic proportion that it cannot be refused without fear of living a life of regret.

Of course, over time it started to get a bit silly - I Triple Dog Dare you, or I Quadruple Dog Dare you.  You finally thought you found the ultimate dare by adding the word infinity to the end, but then someone added infinity plus one.  It never ends. 

Anyway, for the purpose of this blog, we will stick with the Double Dog Dare as the ultimate challenge.

For every year that I have been in education, I have started the school year with the thought that May was a long way off.  Indeed it always was.  However, once it arrives, I and probably every teacher wonders what happened.  How did we get here so fast?

And every year, May seems to be an amazing yet chaotic time of the year.  

There are finals to prepare for, concerts to attend, award ceremonies, and end-of-the-year parties to plan.  Everything left undone is attempted and every student is looking for the last-minute help.

This is to say nothing of how busy the administration is.

Everyone needs encouragement and I think I can guarantee that anyone involved with education will be especially blessed by it at this time of the year.

Anyway, I want to ask that you consider doing all educators a giant favor.  Find an opportunity to encourage them.  Send them a nice note, bring them a coffee, tell them that you appreciate them.  I will leave it up to you to decide how to best encourage the educators in your world.  

No, not ask, I Double Dog Dare you.

Therefore, encourage and build one another up, just as you are already doing. I Thessalonians 5:11

In Christ, 
Dr. Dan - ICSB Chaplain



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