Winter MAP Testing is Underway

Winter MAP Testing is Underway
Candace Jefferies

The Winter NWEA MAP testing started last week. This round of testing aids our staff as they work to meet the goals and standards established for each child. A reading fluency test is also being administered to our younger grades.

As a follow-up and comparison to the testing done in the fall, some students' current math and reading levels are being measured to identify who needs additional support to reach grade-level goals. Oral reading assessments are being conducted for some students, as well.

boy looking at screen

Pre1st through 3rd-grade students are being tested to measure beginning reader skills, like letter and word knowledge. These results provide a better understanding of each child's individual needs and help them progress as readers. To us, it's valuable information! To the students, it seems like fun. Who wouldn't smile when a worm is asking questions?!

student looking at screen with worm

If you want to know more about how this assessment looks for your child, go to the Student Resources page:

Testing will run through January 20 and results will be sent home a few weeks after the testing period.


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