The Winter Classic - A Very Successful Return of a Beloved ICSB Tradition

The Winter Classic - A Very Successful Return of a Beloved ICSB Tradition
Candace Jefferies

After a few years off due to the pandemic, the ICSB winter basketball tournament and all the festivities that go along with it returned with a bang! Read on for highlights of the event.

This year it was branded The Winter Classic, and the celebration week leading up to it was named Bulldog Week. These are great names to take the event forward for years to come.

The tournament included five girls and five boys teams, including teams from Prague, Vienna, and Salzburg. The event kicked off on Thursday, February 9, with a pep rally and three basketball games.

 band bpeppeand

Overall, the Bulldogs had a very successful tournament! The Lady Bulldogs finished 5-0 and were tournament champions in the girls division, and the ICSB Boys were 4-1 and took second place in their division. We are very proud of their accomplishments!

Congratulations to our athletes named to the All-Tournament Team:

Girls Division: Mira T., Adelaide P., and Charissa T.

Boys Division: Shane P. and Andrew N.

MVPs of the tournament were: Mira T. and Shane P.

boys playing basketball
girls basketball team

The event and tournament were coordinated by ICSB's Athletic Director, Brittany Burgess. She shared, "The energy of this event is something you can't really explain. A tournament like this, with the North-American atmosphere of a band, dance team, and a hyped crowd, is something most students in Europe have never experienced. It was such a joy to welcome five other international schools with athletes representing countries all over the world and spend a weekend building relationships and community that will last a lifetime! I am so thankful for our ICSB staff that worked so hard to make this event come to life again. It was such a blessing to watch these athletes use their God-given talents for His glory!"

We appreciate the efforts of so many in our ICSB family, especially Athletic Director Brittany Burgess.

Can't wait until next year!


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