Upper School Fall Field Trips

Candace Jefferies

The Upper School Grades took last Wednesday to get out beyond the campus and learn some new things by visiting various spots in Budapest. Not only is Budapest a beautiful city but it is a place with a rich history.

Students were given a choice of different places to go. Some destinations were more science related, and some were more arts and history oriented.

Here is a quick look at the day:

A Day at the Zoo

One group went to the Budapest Zoo. This group of students was set up in teams and given a picture scavenger hunt in which they had to locate 15 locations at the zoo. One of the teams found all 15 sites and answered all the questions correctly!


Building Rock Climbing Skills

Mr. Eding took a group to the Spider Club Rock Climbing Gym. The students enjoyed using skills they did not know they had! Climbing can be thrilling and taxing on the body.

A Palace of Wonders

One of the Upper School’s field trip choices was the CSOPA Science Center in Budapest. Here students challenged themselves in Escape Rooms, experienced a 5D or 9D movie, and enjoyed many hands-on activities with magnets, movement, senses, illusions, space travel, and much more! A highlight of this rainy day was that it was all indoors!

people with 3d glasses


Hungarian History

On the arts and history side, one set of students toured the Hungarian Parliament Building and visited the House of Terror to learn about life in Hungary after World War 2.

boys in room

Another group of seven students and three adults spent the day exploring some of the sites of the 1956 Hungarian revolution, many of which were still decorated with flowers and paper flags from the recent October 23 ceremonies. In the course of the day, the students learned that many of the ones who fought against the Soviets were young people about the same age as they are now.

Treasures of Art

And finally, several students chose to spend the day at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts exploring the artistic treasures housed there. This museum has been open for almost 120 years and contains a diverse collection of art from Hungary and around the world.

ICSB is blessed to be right on the outskirts of a city with so much to see and learn.


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