Early Grades' Lessons Come from the Bountiful Fall Season

Early Grades' Lessons Come from the Bountiful Fall Season
Hannah Hocutt and Angela Cooksey

Several of the Early Grades classes have been learning through several fall season elements such as pumpkins, leaves, and planting and harvesting of different foods and plants. Read more to learn about their lessons!

The Life of a Pumpkin

Ms. Hocutt's 1st Graders have been studying the outside of pumpkins and the life cycle of pumpkins.  Their learning took a dive inside the pumpkin!

The students used excellent words (like goopy, gloppy, sticky, and stringy) to describe the inside of the pumpkin after some hands-on experience. Then, with some "kitchen magic," we tasted some toasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin bread, and we were reminded of the many blessings God provides for us in the fall harvest season!

lady talking to students with pumpkin


Lessons in the Leaves

Ms. Cooksey's Pre-1st class has been busy exploring tree leaves and learning how they have changed colors and shapes. They collected leaves from the playground to study and identify similarities and differences. The students were asked to study the leaves closely to determine if all leaves had lines and which colors they could be. They also brought a green leaf inside and taped it up on the classroom wall room to observe and see if it would change colors. Their little minds are thinking, thinking, thinking! 

boy looking at a leaf
teacher and students looking at leaves


Planting and Harvesting

Pre-1st has also been learning about the cycle of plants! Each student brought in a different type of seed to plant and see what will grow. They have learned that plants need sun, water, air, nutrients, and space to grow. They are excited to see if these little seeds have what they need to thrive and grow.

Kindergarten students doing soil and plant experiment

Meanwhile, the students went on a special adventure just outside the cafeteria to see how kiwis grow and to harvest some. They used creative problem-solving to figure out how to catch the kiwis as they were tossed down and used math skills to figure out how many were needed so that everyone had enough.

Kindergarten students observing how kiwis grow

These sweet little ones are busy learning about God's world and His provision.


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