StuCo Fall Party: A Neon Night

StuCo Fall Party: A Neon Night
Candace Jefferies

Last Friday, Upper School students enjoyed the highly anticipated Fall Party hosted by StuCo. The annual tradition continued with great success!

It was a neon night with many great creative costumes, delicious snacks, pumpkin carving, pumpkin bowling, colorful glowing balloons, and glow-in-the-dark volleyball!

snack table

The students truly outdid themselves with their imaginative and captivating costumes. From iconic movie characters to awe-inspiring superheroes and enchanting princesses, the creativity on display was outstanding. Some students formed groups representing entire casts from movies or books. The Star Wars crew, consisting of Timothy M., Caleb S., Landon R., Joe D., Ben P., and Silas M., snagged the well-deserved prize for the best costume group. Meanwhile, JT B. took home the crown for the best individual costume with his "perfect" portrayal of Shrek. It's fun to see how the students so enthusiastically crafted these costumes.

fall party  boy in costume

Each grade collaborated to carve a pumpkin with a unique design. The ICSB staff judged and declared the Junior Class pumpkin the winner!

jr group with pumpkin

The students also competed in Pumpkin Bowling and Glow-in-the-Dark Volleyball! A photo booth allowed the students to take the perfect party shot with their friends.

This long-standing tradition continues to bring joy, laughter and cherished memories to the students of ICSB. The Fall Party was undoubtedly a memorable event that united the Upper School community. Thank you, StuCo, for making it happen!

For a video glimpse of the evening, check out this fun creation by DaniVisuals:

Fall Party Video






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