Ottó Lakatos Leaves a Legacy

Ottó Lakatos Leaves a Legacy
Candace Jefferies

After many years of dedicated service to ICSB, we are saying goodbye to Mr. Ottó Lakatos, who is entering retirement.

He has faithfully served in our finance office as Bookkeeper since 2007, and ICSB wants to acknowledge Ottó and his tremendous contribution during his time with the school. He has steadfastly walked with ICSB through periods of growth and transition.

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The staff gathered to celebrate Ottó this week, and many words of deep admiration and love for Ottó were shared by current and former staff as we recognized his 17 years of service to the school. He impacted many lives over the years. His testimony of faith and steady walk with the Lord was evident in his interactions with others and his great integrity as he fulfilled his responsibilities.

For God gives wisdom and knowledge and joy to a man who is good in His sight. Ecclesiastes 2:26

Ottó shared with us his love for ICSB and its mission. He has seen the Lord's faithful provision for the school and His presence in the people at ICSB. He assured us that as he looks to his future, he knows he will continue to work for the Lord in whatever he pursues.

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It was an honor to pray with Ottó as he looks to retirement. Ms. Eszter Bálint led a collective prayer, "We thank you for Ottó's hard work, dedication, and commitment, ​and his example of faith, humility, ​and love towards You and Your Word. ​May this new phase of life bring opportunities for personal growth, exploration, and the freedom to pursue long-awaited passions. ​Lord, we ask for your blessing on Ottó." ​

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Mr. Ottó Lakatos leaves a legacy at ICSB that will not be forgotten.


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