Noel's Gift from the Heart

Noel's Gift from the Heart
Candace Jefferies

As November ends, we look toward celebrating the birth of Christ and the meaning and significance of this most special time of year. Read on for more about a special Christmas message from senior Noel H.

With great enthusiasm, senior StuCo member Noel H. suggested embracing the holiday by decorating throughout the Upper School. The whole StuCo group got on board and filled the halls with twinkling lights, a tree (with a vintage toy train around it), paper snowflakes, and giant brightly wrapped boxes. Senior Ade P. was instrumental in bringing a lot of the decor together. It was a wonderful surprise for staff and students as they arrived on Monday morning!

christmas decor

Noel, who has been at ICSB since Pre1st, wanted to acknowledge the decorations and the beginning of the season that greeted us all. Director Hiltibran granted Noel the privilege of sharing his thoughts and heart with the whole school on the Monday morning announcements.

Noel viewed this opportunity to offer a Christmas message to the school very seriously. He took time to reflect on the importance of the Christmas season and researched Christmas messages delivered by world leaders. He found inspiration in speeches by American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth II.

In his address, Noel eloquently stated, "Christmas is a time of true joy, love, and togetherness....We come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, whose message of peace, compassion, and forgiveness resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds...By embodying the spirit of Christmas every day, we can create a community where love exults over hate, where kindness conquers division, and where the betterment of our friends and family is at the forefront of our minds."

Noel does not take for granted the blessing of attending ICSB for all his school years and wants to make his last year memorable for all of the Class of 2024. He views his message as a gift to friends and the school. His words were received warmly by his classmates, culminating in an outpouring of cheers from his fellow seniors. It was a special moment for them all - a wonderful memory.

snow decor

As December begins and you enjoy the warmth and beauty of Christmas decorations here at ICSB or other places this season, think of Noel's message of the love and hope Christ's birth brings to us all.


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