Lower School House Art Competition 2023

Lower School House Art Competition 2023
Candace Jefferies

Our Lower School students had an opportunity to display their artistic skills and boost their houses in the very competitive ICSB House battle. The theme for the contest was "Transformation."

There were 36 submissions representing every grade in the Lower School.

The Pre1st - 2nd grade students earned house points for participating. The 3rd-5th grade and the 6th-8th grade students earned house points for winning 1st through 4th place (only 1st through 3rd for Digital Art). The 6th-8th grade students competed in different categories, including Art, Digital Art, and Photography.

Pre1st through 2nd Grade Art

art pieces on a glass door

Miss Jess Jenkins, the competition coordinator, said, "I love seeing student artwork and encouraging students to participate just for the fun of doing art!"

The students put a lot of thought into their creations. The theme of "Transformation" was presented in many different ways. When asked about the most challenging part of the competition, Haley J., in 6th grade, shared, "I would say coming up with an idea of what to draw was challenging about my artwork. But after looking over the meaning of transformation that I wrote in my Chapel notebook, I found it much easier to know what sinful and godly communities look like."

There were several aspects of the competition students really liked. Zsuzsi M, in 8th grade, said, "it was cool to see all the ideas that people came up with" to represent Transformation. Eighth-grader Heily B. said she liked "how you have to think outside of the box to be able to create something based on the topic while still adding your own personal touch."   

All the students helped their respective house standings. The winners are:

3rd - 5th Grade Art 1st: Jiwoo H.(4); 2nd: Heidi B.(5); 3rd: Vera A.(3); 4th: Hanna N.(5)

3rd through 5th art winners

6th - 8th Grade Art 1st: Haley J.(6); 2nd: Heily B.(8); 3rd: Annora K.(8); 4th: Elisa V.(8)

6th through 8th art

6th - 8th Grade Photography 1st: Annora K.(8); 2nd: Susie M.(8); 3rd: Zsuzsi M.(8)

art comp photography

6th - 8th Grade Digital Art 1st: Ryan B. (7); 2nd: Grant L.(8); 3rd: Dani L.(8); 4th: Mary L.(6)

Dani L. shared how he enjoyed being able to use his Photoshop skills to make something interesting and inspiring for this art competition. 

The enthusiastic response to this competition yielded some beautiful pieces of art expressing the idea of "Transformation." It is encouraging to see our students embracing their creative gifts, and we look forward to the treasures that will be created in the years to come.


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