Lower School Field Trip Adventures!

Lower School Field Trip Adventures!
Candace Jefferies

Friday, November 11 was Lower School Fall Field Trip Day.  Students from Pre1st through 8th Grade were out and about the greater Budapest area for a day of learning adventures and fun!

Read on for a glimpse at the students' day.  

Pre1st and 1st Grade explored the tiny town of Minispolisz! Everything was kid-sized - from an airport to a tram station, a hair salon to a hotel, a bank to a garden center, and a fruit stand to a vet's office! The students even got to experience a tiny DM and Aldi - both as shoppers and cashiers! It was so much fun to see their joy and delight in excitedly exploring this tiny town and seeing how all parts of a community make a town FUNction!

pre1st and 1st on ft

2nd Grade went to the Budapest Zoo to observe animals and get up close with wildlife. They were interested in reading every sign and writing down all animal names on their "Animals of the Alphabet" scavenger hunt sheet. They received little maps to help them point out where they could find their favorite animals and what would be the shortest way to get to them. They were most interested in the Tiger and the Komodo Dragon so the class decided to begin with the big cat and to leave (according to them) "the dinosaur" to be the last animal to see and they also made sure they had a bit of time to play at the zoo's playground.

The 3rd and 4th Grade students took a field trip to the Budapest History Castle Museum in the Buda Castle. The kids were able to dig into some history about King Mátyás and what life was like during Medieval Hungary. Most students said their favorite part was the program on Medieval weapons where they got to wear knight's armor and hold sabers, swords, poleaxes, bows, and shields.

student wearing helmet and shield

5th and 6th Grades visited the Hungarian National History Museum. They were able to see, touch and feel preserved forms of so many of God's creations.

students with shark

Our 7th and 8th Grade students went to the Hungarian National Gallery to explore art from the gothic period to contemporary art. Students discovered the power of details in art; realizing that even something as simple as a flower has significant meaning in a larger painting. Many students made connections to things they learned in History class while studying Medieval Art and the Renaissance, as well as paintings they learned about in Hungarian class.

students in front of art

We are thankful for all the ways our teachers invest in our students and help them explore and learn new things.



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