Hoppin' and a Boppin' They Sang Their Songs

Hoppin' and a Boppin' They Sang Their Songs
Olivia Baker

What a week! Buckets and basketballs, "Rockin'" sunglasses, lovely art, a big reveal, and the Middle Grades choir’s breakfast preferences were all on the menu for the Lower School Fine Arts Festivals! 

The middle grades choir might not like "Green Eggs and Ham," but the audience sure liked their and every other performance at last week’s Lower School Fine Arts Festivals! Once again, notes were sung, smiles were worn, and hearts were warmed.


First up were the Early Grades. Under the creative leadership of Early Grades Music Director Ms. Laura Dannekar, students sang, danced, and played instruments, including bells, buckets, and glockenspiels, to name a few. One unusual instrument stood out. A "High School Musical"esc performance of "My God" by the Christian kid's band Go Fish was the talk of the night, as students used basketballs as rhythmic instruments and props for choreography. From this imaginative use of basketballs to pre-first grade's endearing performance of "Peace in My Heart," which included jumping, clapping, and fun dance moves, it was a charming show from our young talent! 



An art gallery decorated the back of the gym during each concert, displaying student art from their respective classes. Under the guidance of art teacher Ms. Beth Ridgeway, the Early Grades exhibit was filled with colorful mixed media pieces of puppies wearing glasses, googly-eyed panda bears, and geometric shapes that were also magically given faces. 



Two nights later, our Middle Grades were on deck. Between the 6th-grade band led by Ms. Laura Danneker and the 7th and 8th-grade choir and band directed by Mrs. Rebecca Lingenhoel, we heard a variety of genres from Celtic Music to George Gershwin to the beloved Dr. Seuss! The 7th and 8th-grade band skillfully played songs like "I've Got Rhythm" and music reminiscent of Bugs Bunny scenes in the popular cartoon Looney Tunes. The choir's performance of "Green Eggs and Ham" and "Rockin' Robin" included lively choreography that drew the audience's smiles once again. Students even broke out their sunglasses for the latter!



Meanwhile, the Middle Grades art display, led by art teacher Mr. Kyle McEachron, included everything from cubist depictions of Donald Duck to a pointillist depiction of our ICSB Bulldog in true school spirit. A thought-provoking marker sketch also stood out, depicting a heart being squeezed like a stress ball, drawn over a background of the word "stress" written all over the page. From moving pieces like this drawing to the variety of artistic styles represented, the Middle School exhibit displayed great depth and range for viewers to take in.  



At the end of the Middle Grades concert, it was time for the big reveal! What would next year's Middle School Musical be? "Breaking News! This just in..." Ms. Heather Endicott said as she prepared to make the long-awaited announcement. The gym was silent in anticipation. Students broke out in cheers and applause at the sight of Aslan on the screen as it was revealed that for the first time in ICSB history, "Narnia" was selected to be next fall's Middle School Musical. Students made "a joyful noise," and then some as they were visibly excited about Mrs. Rebecca Lingenhoel's decision!



After each Art Festival, students and their families gathered in their respective classrooms to attend a Celebration of Learning. Each classroom was filled with student projects, giving parents a glimpse into the vast array of things their children had learned throughout the year. Students beamed with pride as they shared their accomplishments with their families.



Both events were filled with joy, laughter, and beauty, uplifting and smile-inducing kaleidoscopes of sights and sounds for families to share. 




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