Lori Dickason: A Cornerstone and Legacy at ICSB

Lori Dickason: A Cornerstone and Legacy at ICSB
Candace Jefferies

Mrs. Lori Dickason stands as a cornerstone of ICSB's foundation. This year, she celebrates completing 25 years of dedicated staff service with no plans to stop!

Lori's influence on the school extends beyond her tenure, encompassing a profound breadth and depth that has helped shape ICSB. Before joining the staff, Lori was an active parent volunteer, supporting the school in countless ways. As ICSB celebrates its 30th anniversary, it is fitting to honor Lori's enduring commitment and integral role in the school's success since the beginning.

Early Years: Mom and ICSB Parent 

Lori and her husband Paul moved to Hungary from the US in 1984 to serve with CRU Ministries. Lori home-schooled their three children in those early days. As Hungary opened to Western Europe in the early 1990s, ICSB was established to serve missionary families who were in the Budapest area working to spread the Gospel. Lori and Paul were excited about the school and all that it could offer their children, so they enrolled in the very first year - Emily was in eighth grade, Sarah was in fourth, and Jonathan enrolled in first grade later.  

From Volunteer to Staff: Growth and Leadership 

Just as now, in the early days of ICSB, there were many ways for parents to pitch in and help. Lori was a volunteer in the school, supporting classroom teachers and a substitute teacher when there was a need. In 1999, she filled a critical need by stepping in as a first-grade teacher, marking the beginning of her formal tenure at the school.  

After teaching first grade and ELL for a year, she dove deeper and taught Middle School English and ELL for several years. Lori’s presence in the Middle School became a leadership role when she was named principal in 2003. During those eleven years, ICSB experienced significant student numbers and campus size growth, with Lori playing a pivotal role.  

In 2014, Lori became the High School Principal, serving five years. She cherished the opportunity to guide some students from their early years to graduation. Throughout these years, Lori's integrity and steady hand made her a reliable leader for ICSB directors.  

Transition to Special Projects: A New Chapter 

After 20 years of classroom and administrative roles at ICSB, Lori transitioned to Special Projects Consultant in 2019. This new role allowed her to tackle various projects, the most significant being ICSB's reaccreditation in 2023. Lori has extensive experience with this process, having been part of nine accreditation teams reviewing other ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) schools over the years. Her years of serving at the school and experience with the accreditation process made her the perfect person to help ICSB assess its strengths and weaknesses and prepare for this important evaluation. As expected, she readied the staff and the building in every way, and ICSB achieved excellence in reaccreditation!   

In addition to tackling reaccreditation, Lori has spearheaded over 20 other special projects over the past five years – from summarizing GDPR policies for staff to organizing the many years of school board records to identifying and overseeing campus improvement projects. She knows the building well! She remembers it from the early days, is proud of its current state, and is excited about the planned improvements that will make it even better.   

Lori: A Living Legacy 

Dr. Kristi Hiltibran, ICSB's current director, tapped Lori for the Special Projects role, having worked with her for many years and fully appreciating her strengths and talents. Dr. Hiltibran shared,

"Lori's passion for many years has been to serve the students and staff members here at ICSB. She uses her considerable gifts to assist the school in many ways. Lori is a wise colleague and encourager who listens empathetically and carefully, which strengthens our learning community day by day." 

Lori's unwavering dedication and multifaceted contributions have been instrumental in shaping ICSB's past, present, and future. Her legacy of service, leadership, and commitment continues to inspire and strengthen the school community. As ICSB looks forward to many more years of success, Lori remains a cornerstone of its ongoing story.  

Thankfully, the Dickasons view Hungary as home, and both feel that the Lord still has work for them to do here. Lori says leaving ICSB is not part of her plans right now. She loves it here! And we love her! 


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