Learning to Trust in the Lord

Learning to Trust in the Lord
David Kelley

During Christian Studies, Mr. John Burgess taught his 3rd grade class the importance of trusting our omnipotent God with all our burdens.

To illustrate, he loaded one of his students who is "small in stature" with dictionaries, and other large books, representing examples of 3rd-grade challenges and sins. On her own, the books weighed her down until they crashed to the floor. But when she set her burdens on the firm foundation, she was free as the burdens were born by another.

At ICSB, we teach our students to be Christ-followers, trusting Jesus as their only means of salvation because our omnipotent God is the only one big enough to carry all our burdens!

Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you Psalm 55:22



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