Learning Through Teaching

Learning Through Teaching
Abby Bigelow

Seventh grade students had the opportunity to teach the second-grade class what they have been learning about Chinese inventions and innovations. 

Early grades students’ social studies program includes basic geography, economics, government, and civics concepts while looking at significant historical events from creation through the modern age. The goal for students is to have a broad overview of history and appreciation of the global community when they advance to middle grades.

The middle grade's history program goal is to teach students to engage with history as historians. A five-step historical inquiry method is used repeatedly throughout the curriculum as they survey history from the post-Flood era to the early 2000’s. This method teaches students critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to help them gain a deeper understanding of historical concepts and themes. By teaching younger classes, students have the chance to show that they are grasping class concepts by effectively communicating their knowledge.

One of the great benefits of our school is the ability to collaborate across grade levels in unique ways, building unity and community schoolwide.


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