Integrating AI Into ICSB With Integrity

Integrating AI Into ICSB With Integrity
Candace Jefferies

The recent professional development afternoon at ICSB focused on exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on our school's mission.

AI's global influence touches many aspects of life, and at ICSB, we want to approach this technological advancement proactively. Our objective is to utilize AI to enrich teaching and learning experiences while maintaining a balance with traditional educational approaches, including critical thinking.

ICSB's Curriculum Coordinator, Ros Barnes, shared her reasons for focusing on AI. She said, "There is no doubt that AI tools are impacting how we do things, including teaching and learning. At ICSB, we want to learn to use AI tools with integrity in a way that helps us all to continue to grow as Christ-followers, active thinkers, and faithful stewards."

Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity  Titus 2:7


During the event, staff members engaged in small group discussions to brainstorm and share insights, ideas, and recommendations.

They were challenged to answer "What do our students need to learn about AI?" and "How can teachers use AI to improve their teaching?"

Ms. Barnes said, "The goal was for teachers to increase their awareness of AI and how it impacts education and to contribute to the ongoing conversation about how we will use these tools at ICSB."

The professional development day concluded with a session where all participants came together to discuss the feedback collected. This valuable input will guide the instructional leadership team in crafting policies to responsibly and effectively integrate AI into our curriculum, benefiting educators and students at ICSB.

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