In What Book Did...?

In What Book Did...?
Candace Jefferies

The 3rd ICSB Battle of the Books held on Saturday was a resounding success!

This year's event drew enthusiastic participation from Middle and Early Grades students. This literary battle challenged participants to read and recall up to 12 selected books. The aim was for each team to have at least one member who had read every book, though many students ambitiously read all 12.

During the competition, structured in a "Family Feud" style, eleven teams - five from Middle Grades and six from Early Grades - answered questions about the books within a 30-second timeframe. The teams were read a question that started with "In what book did...?" Each team, led by a captain, had 30 seconds to discuss and answer each question. Teamwork and quick recall were essential to success in this engaging game.

Top awards went to the Early Grades Paperback Posse team (Emma P., Jiwoo H., Eun Young C., Ruth S., Eszter H.) and the Middle Grades team Overbooked (Jay D., Jakub D., Daniel De., Noemi L.), with Overbooked closely edging out the Cliffhangers for the top spot. Additionally, fifteen students earned recognition for reading all 12 books, showcasing their dedication and passion for literature.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Mrs. Fraser for bringing the Battle to life this year! She and her group of volunteers made a great day for everyone involved.

How great that this friendly little competition can produce a love of learning and reading, teach teamwork principles, and provide an opportunity to make new friendships along the way!


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