ICSB Field Trip Day: Learning Beyond the Classroom

ICSB Field Trip Day: Learning Beyond the Classroom
Candace Jefferies

ICSB students and staff enjoy a day out in the fall and spring semesters to provide learning in a different way. Read on to hear about the great day out last week!

The world beyond the classroom walls is rich with educational treasures, and our students set out on a journey of discovery that took vibrant Budapest by storm! Each group, from Pre1st to 12th grade, had a unique itinerary designed to enrich their curriculum and broaden their horizons. 

Lower School

The Lower School grades enjoyed excursions designed to enhance the academic goals for social studies, science, and Hungarian culture.

The youngest of our scholars, in Pre1st and 1st grades, delved into the world of adult professions at Minipolisz, a city scaled for children. Here, they learned about different careers through role-play, gaining an appreciation for various jobs that keep a community thriving.

boy looking at monitor

The 2nd and 3rd graders marveled at the wonders of the animal kingdom at the Budapest Zoo. They had the opportunity to interact with some of the residents of the zoo in an up-close and personal way! 

girl with a goat

Students in 4th and 5th grades stepped back in time at the Natural History Museum, uncovering the stories of the Earth and its inhabitants through ancient fossils and interactive exhibits.

kids with bones

The 6th and 7th graders immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of our nation's history at the Hungarian National Museum, connecting the past with the present.

Our 8th graders experienced the beauty of human creativity at the Fine Arts Museum, where they were inspired by the masterpieces that have shaped our artistic heritage.

Upper School

The Upper School students also set out by grade, and depending on the grade, the student's day included Hungarian history and culture, music and arts, the Holocaust, or a physical strength challenge.

9th graders combined history with adventure, exploring the Castle Museum and the underground wonders of Gellért Hill Cave Church, expanding their understanding of culture and the historical presence of the Church in Budapest.

The 10th graders had a double dose of culture, visiting both the Museum of Fine Arts to see the renowned Renoir Exhibit and the House of Music Hungary, where they were introduced to an interactive and historical musical presentation.

students at art museum

11th graders confronted the poignant narratives of history at the Holocaust Memorial Center and walked the streets of the Jewish Quarter, embracing the stories of resilience and remembrance.

Finally, our 12th graders challenged themselves with a rock climbing session, pushing their limits and learning the importance of trust and teamwork.

rock climber

We are so grateful to our dedicated teachers who crafted and organized these experiences, proving that education does not only take place within the confines of a classroom but also in the grand classroom of life. We pray that this day out made an impression on our students, inspiring them to keep exploring to learn more about the world around them.


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