Building a Bridge to Middle Grades

Building a Bridge to Middle Grades
Candace Jefferies

One component of the 5th Grade Curriculum at ICSB is preparing our students for the challenges of Middle Grades. Read more to learn about this strategy.

Starting this last semester of Early Grades, they will be introduced to new learning structures and approaches. Their daily routine will resemble Middle Grades, with a set schedule and multiple teachers guiding them through various subjects.

Ms. Wingler, the 5th-grade class teacher, encourages the students to take ownership of their learning. This includes practicing being more responsible with homework and assignments and keeping up with their items and supplies. The Advisory class time is used to improve their study skills and to make tangible goals to work towards.

Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and diligence. Abigail Adams

Throughout this semester, the 5th graders will also take on leadership roles among the younger grades and interact more with Middle Grades students, fostering relationships between the two groups. Lunch and recess schedules will align with Middle Grades, allowing them to reconnect with old friends.

boys talking at lunch
kids at recess

Ultimately, the goal is for the students to feel encouraged, confident, and empowered as they enter into a new season of learning and have a fruitful Middle Grades experience. While parents (and Ms. Wingler) may shed a few tears at the year-end 5th Grade Blessings Chapel, they can rest assured their children are prepared to cross over to the next level.


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