Former Students Reflect on their days at ICSB

Candace Jefferies

As a new school year starts here at ICSB, we are mindful of the Class of 2022 students who have left ICSB for the great big world out there.  We pray that as these young men and women move on to the next phase of their lives that the school’s core values - Community, Integrity, and Growth - will be with them. 

Recently, a former student shared that she and some of the other students in her class have realized the values of the school are important as they step out beyond ICSB. Mr. Southwell received this letter from her: 

Dear Mr.Southwell, 

As many of us are approaching moving to university or are already there, we have stumbled upon many feelings and thoughts that were not present yet at graduation or after. Most of us are feeling homesick, absolutely terrified, or anxiously rethinking if we have made the right decisions. In the name of all of us who are feeling this way from the Class of 2022, please forward a message to our former teachers that have contributed to our studies, life, and graduation at ICSB: 

Thank you for giving us so much more than education. You gave us friendships that we will cherish forever, staff, and other students we are already missing. Our experience at school was so much more than just studying. It was filled with encouragement, safety, and so much love. Even when we were bratty teenagers thinking even the world was against us, one thing that never failed in your approach to us was love. We are missing our lunches in the cafeteria, cat dissections, snack breaks together, talking to our favorite teachers, and our daily routine. Leaving to university, and jumping into the unknown all alone seems rather scary after these beautiful years at ICSB. Some of us would rather spend another year at ICSB than grow up, take responsibility, and move away. We are shedding happy and sad tears in these weeks. We miss you ICSB. We know these sentences might be very hard to believe, but they are genuinely coming from our hearts. We hope we can be back to visit with our friends some time. 

With love, 

Class of 2022 students 

We are encouraged to know that the experiences at ICSB impacted their hearts and will hopefully impact their steps in the coming years. We hope all our former students reflect on the days at ICSB with fondness and appreciation for the many things they learned.  Education and preparation for the education beyond are important, but the life that God wants for each of them is filled with the love of family and community, integrity, and growth in all aspects of life. 

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6



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