Embracing Simplicity During Spiritual Impact Week

Embracing Simplicity During Spiritual Impact Week
Candace Jefferies

In her commitment to truly reap the benefits of a weeklong emphasis on spiritual growth for her students and herself, Ms. Hocutt invited her class to come together and plan a focus on God for these days.

She challenged the students to simplify things in their day and turn their focus toward the Lord.

They composed a class prayer to start each day this week and continued to discuss the spiritual disciplines they have been considering during the Lenten season.

siw prayer

Each day, they gave up some comforts of their daily lives:

  • Monday, the students removed their desks from the class and worked on their assignments without the ease the desks provided.
  • Tuesday, Ms. Hocutt put away her projector and worked with her students in a different way than usual - no technology!
  • Wednesday, the class had no chairs or desks! They stood or sat on the floor during their learning time.
  • Thursday, the students went without any toys during their recess times.

They created a list of God's attributes to focus on when they feel like grumbling - teacher included.

They also spent one minute in silence as they started each new subject, thinking about God and His goodness.

ICSB Chaplain Dan Culbertson visited Ms. Hocutt's class to talk with the students about their efforts to simplify this week in order to give a greater focus to God and His work in their lives. He said, "The kids explained to me why they had decided to give up their desks, chairs, projectors, and toys this week. 'Sometimes you need to put something down in order to pick something else up.' After not having their desks for a day, I asked them how they felt about their desks now. They were all so grateful for something they never took much notice of before. What a good example they are to us!"

Set your mind on things that are above, not on things that are on earth  Colossians 3:2


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