Farsang is a Sweet Thing

Farsang is a Sweet Thing
Candace Jefferies

Our young learners enjoyed a fun, delicious Farsang celebration this week right here in Diósd.

Farsang, also known as the Carnival season, is a vibrant festive period that follows Christmas and precedes Lent. AND no Farsang should pass without donuts! They are an essential part of the Hungarian Carnival traditions, meaning you are not only allowed but encouraged to eat these sweet glazed desserts!


Our little learners in #ICSBudapest's Pre-1st and 1st-grade classes traveled to the Mihalek Pince in Diósd to participate in this sweet Farsang tradition. 

farsang cooking
farsang servers

The students observed a cooking session custom-crafted just for them. They learned how donuts are made, and then they got to eat the tasty treats! 

We extend a very special thanks to the Mihalek family for providing the venue and the Diósdi Német Hagyományőrző Egyesület (German Cultural Heritage Preservation Society of Diósd) for providing the delicious donuts!

What a delightful way to celebrate this day and any day!


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