Family Field Day 2024 Shines!

Family Field Day 2024 Shines!
Candace Jefferies

Friday's weather was perfect for the ICSB community to gather for fun and some friendly competition!

The different teams were organized according to ICSB House affiliation. The Houses battled in various competitions, including water balloon volleyball, speedball, Pirate Ship, and Tug of War. As always, the Tug-of-War competition was the most fiercely contested among the Middle Grade and Upper School groups, while younger participants had a great time with the jumping game, striving to jump farther with each round.

In keeping with tradition, teachers leaving ICSB after this school year got a pie in the face from a favorite student, and the seniors made sure everyone got drenched with water balloons at the end of the day.

Ragsdale House earned the most points across all the activities and was declared the day's winner!

Thanks to Athletic Director John Burgess and his team for orchestrating an excellent event. Both students and parents participated actively, truly embracing the day's spirit.

Can't wait until next year to do it all again!


Additional photos are available on our Photo Galleries Account. The password to access this account has been communicated to Upper School and Middle Grades students through Teams and shared with Early Grades families through an email from class teachers.


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