European CAR-FREE Day - ICSB Style!

European CAR-FREE Day - ICSB Style!
Candace Jefferies

In our efforts to be faithful stewards of the world God has entrusted to us, ICSB students and staff participated in European Car-Free Day on Thursday, September 22.

European Mobility Week is an annual initiative of the European Commission for Sustainable Urban Mobility. It calls on European cities and towns to devote one week to sustainable mobility. It started on September 16 and ended with a CAR-FREE DAY on September 22. This was the 21st time this event was held across the continent.

We encouraged all staff and students to come to school on foot, on a bike or scooter, or on public transportation, but leave that car parked for the day. Many did!

DiDi (Diósdiak Diósdért), a citizen group in Diósd, promoted participation by providing breakfast bags to students in our town who came to school on bicycles. They generously provided these breakfast bags to ICSB as well.

All participating students and staff received the breakfast bag from DiDi as well as a yummy Kinder Bueno from ICSB. We appreciate all who made the sacrifice and changes in their day to support this effort.

It was a rewarding day for our school, the town of Diósd, the country of Hungary, and Europe. We can't help but smile 😀 to know our ICSB family respects its responsibility to protect God's great earth. 🌍   

For more information about this initiative, check out other programs and events related to European Mobility Week on Facebook!

Photo credit: Candace Jefferies & Dániel Lázár


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