Early Grades Super Friday - Always Fun!

Early Grades Super Friday - Always Fun!
Candace Jefferies

Last week the Early Grades enjoyed a one-of-a-kind Friday!

This is an annual tradition for our younger students. They enjoyed a special chapel time learning about how God wants them to grow in their love for Him. The students played games and did activities with their classmates and with their housemates. One of the activities was to write notes of thanks and encouragement to ICSB staff members.

kids reading
boy and girl writing note
boy stacking plated and cups


Ms. Sekkar shared, "It was a great day to bond with students. I don`t know who had more fun, the kids or myself! My favorite parts of the day were when we prayed for one another as a class, and when the 4th graders read to the 1st graders. I could really see our community strengthened."

The younger grades ran all over the campus for a scavenger hunt.  The older grades also participated in a scavenger hunt that led them to some areas around the campus and beyond!

It was a Super Friday, for sure!


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