Lower School Celebrates Learning and Semester One Done!

Lower School Celebrates Learning and Semester One Done!
Candace Jefferies

As Semester One drew to a close, our Lower School students wrapped it up with a celebration of all the hard work they have done since August.

They started the morning with some fun ICSB House competitions. The year-long competition between the houses is heating up, and this day brought points for wearing their house shirts and friendly competitions in the gym, challenging the teams to move the colored balls on and off the parachute. It got a little rowdy!

Students looking at schoolwork and laptop
adult and student looking at school work

Following the games, the Early Grade students moved to their classrooms, and Middle Grades students moved to the cafeteria. They greeted parents and shared many things they had learned in Semester One. Parents were presented with paper and digital presentations of literary work, science projects, and artwork. Many students were excited to share their work with other students as well. 

"Celebration is a discipline that is often ignored in our fast-paced society. The Celebration of Learning was designed to give the ICSB community the opportunity to pause, reflect, and recognize student growth. It was wonderful to see so many students' eyes light up as they showed what they learned and their reflections on the year.", said Mr. Kelley, Lower School Principal. He also received good feedback from several parents who said they loved meeting together and seeing all the hard work their own and other children have done this semester.

robotics demo
student showing work to adults

Every student has something to share. We are ever mindful of the long-term goal for students to be active thinkers and effective communicators, and it is heartening to see this growth in our students.


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