ICSB Celebrates Learning and Community

ICSB Celebrates Learning and Community
Candace Jefferies

The Lower School students concluded the first semester by throwing a grand celebration to commemorate their efforts since August - a Celebration of Learning!

Parents were invited to ICSB to meet with their student's teacher, engage with other parents, and see the fruit of all the hard work in the past months. Students and teachers prepared their classrooms to showcase both paper and digital presentations of literary work, science projects, and artwork. Several classes performed short, sweet skits to demonstrate what they have learned and how they can work together.

kids with smiles
girl smiling

The students were excited to share their work with other students and parents in the ICSB community. Seeing the strength of communication and critical thinking skills that came out through a day like this was encouraging.

girl talking to adult
lady looking at pictures

One parent expressed her appreciation for the event and how it allowed her to see how much her child (and all the children) has learned this school year. She said it is evident the teachers care so much for the students and have invested in each child's education. It also gave her a chance to see her child interacting with other students, and she was encouraged by her child's social growth and confidence.

What a great way to round out the first semester of the 2023-2024 school year! The Celebration of Learning not only highlighted the academic and creative achievements of the students but also reinforced the strong sense of community among students, teachers, and parents. It's a proud moment for all.


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