Campus Safety is a Priority

Campus Safety is a Priority
Candace Jefferies

The safety of our staff and students is critical to providing a stable and productive learning environment. ICSB conducts safety drills at least once a year to ensure our preparedness for emergency situations.

This week, we successfully conducted a series of crucial safety drills across our entire campus, ensuring that our students and staff are well-prepared for emergencies. Under the guidance of Director Kristi Hiltibran and Facilities Manager Attila Hadjú, we executed three distinct drills: a Lockdown Drill, a Hallway Shelter Drill, and an Evacuation Drill. 

The Lockdown Drill, a procedure that requires every staff member and student to seek shelter within their designated areas promptly, was executed first. Our staff secured the safety of everyone, and students were instructed to remain calm and quiet. Following the Lockdown Drill, we seamlessly transitioned into the Hallway Shelter Drill. This strategic movement towards the hallways is a precautionary measure designed to relocate staff and students to the building's interior, shielding them from potential dangers such as severe weather, fires, or outside explosions.

Lastly, we executed an Evacuation Drill. When the alarm sounded, all individuals inside the building were directed to evacuate promptly. Students and staff exited the building together and gathered at a predetermined safe location away from the campus. Before returning to the building, a careful headcount was conducted to ensure every child was accounted for.

fire drill pic

Throughout all these drills, a dedicated team of staff members played a pivotal role in ensuring that each step unfolded as planned, reinforcing our school's commitment to safety. We are grateful for the cooperation and dedication exhibited by both students and staff. These drills are essential to our preparedness, and their successful execution is a testament to ICSB's commitment to safety and security.  


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