Bring on the Books

Bring on the Books
Candace Jefferies

The 2023 ICSB Battle of the Books is in the books!

After months of reading and preparation, Lower School students put their reading and memory skills to the test in a friendly and fun competition that encouraged teamwork and a love of literature. The Early Grades division saw six 4-person teams, while Middle Grades had five 4-person teams.

Participants could read up to 12 diverse books spanning various genres and earn points for their teams by answering questions about them. The groups went through several rounds of questions before a winner was determined. What a great way to encourage reading and make new friends!

student huddled at a desk

Congratulations to the Joyful Page Turners (Daniel J., Heidi B., Miki W., and Dalma B.) for winning the Early Grades division and to Overbooked (Nash C., Heily B., Laura W, and Allister K.) for taking the top spot in the Middle Grades division. Additionally, eight students were recognized for reading all 12 books, a remarkable accomplishment.

young kids with trophys
older kids with trophys
smiling students

ICSB's librarian, Mrs. Fraser, shared, "I was thrilled to see all the participation this year. Students were reading away, memorizing the author's names, and working together to make sure all the books were covered. They all did a great job!"

smiling young kids with awards
older kids with awards

We want to extend a huge thank you to Mrs. Fraser for bringing the Battle to life this year! She and her group of helpers made a great day for everyone involved.


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