After-School Clubs offer Fun, Skills and Friendship

After-School Clubs offer Fun, Skills and Friendship
Candace Jefferies

The After-School Clubs for our younger students provide an excellent way for them to be thinking, moving, and making new friends. 

While our Upper School and Middle Grades have been practicing their sports and rehearsing for the Middle Grades Musical after school, our younger students also had great activities. With the help of generous volunteers, the younger grades students have been able to work on drawing, basketball, and board game skills.

Every few weeks, students meet in the library to play games. Card games and board games offer students ways to use their brains to strategize and enjoy some friendly competition. Mr. Morgan and senior Weston R. organize these games.


smiling girl holding cards

A Drawing Club led by Mr. and Mrs. Bos allows students to explore their creativity.

And Mr. Cooper and Ms. Kihm lead the Junior Bulldog Basketball Club to teach boys and girls in 3rd to 5th grade ball-handling skills and teamwork.

We are thankful for the ICSB volunteers who organize and nurture the students.


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