A Story Worth Telling

A Story Worth Telling
Abby Bigelow

ICSB Yearbook Staff working hard on spreads for the 2021-22 yearbook to meet a quickly approaching end of the year deadline. This year the staff is learning that every student has a story worth telling and it's their job to tell it. 

The purpose of the yearbook is to record, highlight, and commemorate the meaningful events and lives of staff and students during the current school year. Students in this class also learn to master many skills such as copywriting and editing, layout and design, and photography. It's not a class for the faint of heart!

The ICSB upper school Performing Fine Arts program consists of a number of twice-a-week electives, including Choir, Band, Photography, Art Appreciation, Graphic Design, and Ensemble. Upper school students are required to take 1. 5 electives of fine arts to complete their elective requirements for graduation. The upper school music and drama program includes an annual Christmas program as well as a spring fine arts program in collaboration with the art and photography program. The extra-curricular component is the annual upper school musical, practiced and presented in the spring.


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