It's Almost Time for Summer Reading!

Tricia Fraser

Summer reading has a lot of benefits for your student. Read about some of them here!

Students who don't read over the summer often lose reading fluency and begin the next school year at a lower level than they were the previous spring. 

In contrast, those who do read continue to grow in their reading ability, vocabulary, and comprehension. They also grow in empathy and knowledge of the world. Summer reading helps to create the habit of reading for enjoyment which will help your student become lifelong learners. See the infographic below for more of the benefits of summer reading! 


Lower School Optional Summer Reading Program

This week all lower school students had an opportunity to take home a booklet about our optional summer reading program. We encourage all lower school students to take part in it, it'll be a great adventure!

You can download and print your own copy here:

Traveling Through the Pages - Summer Reading Adventure


Ebooks on the Upper School Required Summer Reading Program

Upper School students have a required summer reading program that they will hear about from their English teacher (the information is also available at the link below). Of the 34 books on the required summer reading list, 25 are now available in ebook form from our library! Let me know if you have any questions about how to access our ebooks. 

Upper School Required Summer Reading Information


Tricia Fraser


Summer hours for the ICSB Library:

Every Wednesday through the summer from 9:00-12:00. 


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