Where Do We Find Great Books?

Where Do We Find Great Books?
Tricia Fraser

How do we choose books for our library? We have some great sources for recommendations. Check them out! 

It's getting more and more difficult to find books that are appealing to kids, and yet appropriate for all the age levels represented by ICSB students. Over the years, we've used the following sources to find great recommendations, and you can too, when you're looking for books for your family.


Redeemed Reader - A Christian website that reviews books for quality, worldview, and content.

Read-Aloud Revival - We mentioned this one last week. It's geared for homeschoolers, but is a rich source source for book reviews and great recommendations for anyone.

Triple Crown Awards - There are a lot of different book awards out there, but the Triple Crown awards are given specifically to promote uplifting and wholesome books.

World Magazine - They don't have as many, but when they recommend children's books, we almost always buy them!

Tome Society - Their book lists are filled with lots of exciting and new young adults books. They screen books for bad language and graphic sex, but there might be other issues you'd like to screen out for your family. So you might want to still find reviews of their books from other sources.

Blink Publishing - A publisher dedicated to clean books. Some of my personal favorites in the last couple of years have come from them.


But what about if you're not just browsing for books, but you have a specific book that you want more information about?


Then, we turn to:

Common Sense Media, which has reviews and more details about the content of books. You're only allowed to view a few a month before they want you to buy a subscription for more access. 

Amazon. Reading the low reviews of a book can be especially informative! 

Goodreads. Often, in the "question" section about a book, the very first questions asked are, "Is there any graphic content in this book?" Or, "Is this book appropriate for my 10 year old?" You can get great information here, sometimes from the author. 


Do you have other great resources? I'd love to hear about them. 


Tricia Fraser





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