My Top 10 Books of 2023!

My Top 10 Books of 2023!
Tricia Fraser

Last year, I read 118 books. Of those available in our library, here are my top 10! 

10. Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson. 

Here is an old-fashioned fantasy tale, even though it came out in 2018. Good vs. evil, a little romance, some peril. Page turning and engaging. Great for 7th grade and up. 

9. 23 Minutes by Vivian Vande Velde.

Zoe has the ability to turn back time 23 minutes, but only up to a maximum of 10 times. She's a witness to a crime and tries to correct things but only keeps making it worse. This is a quick, suspenseful read for 6th grade and up

8. Light in Hidden Places: a novel based on the true story of Stefania Podgórska by Sharon Cameron.

Stefania was just 16 years old in Poland when the Nazis came. Her story of protecting Jews, along with her younger sister, while Nazis were even living in her house is powerful. There are a lot of WWII stories out there, but this one stands out because it's based on a real person who was so young and accomplished so much. For grades 7 and up. 

7. Winterkill by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch. 

Historical fiction based on the Holodomor, when Stalin's forced collectivization of farms in Ukraine led to widespread starvation. This is a well-told and important story, appropriate for grades 5 and up. 

6. The Ogress and the Orphans by Kelly Barnhill.

There is an evil presence in the community of Stone-in-the-Glen. Many people blame the kindly Ogress who has moved in among them, but is it really her, or is it someone else? A group of orphans try to get to the truth. This is an enjoyable fantasy story with a great message. Grades 4 and up. 

5. The Girl in His Shadow by Audrey Blake.

Historical fiction is set in a time when women couldn't be surgeons and doctors were just beginning to discover how to use anesthesia safely. Compelling story of one young woman finding her way and trying to convince others to let her practice medicine. 8th grade and up. 

4. Stay by Catherine Ryan Hyde. 

In the summer of 1969, Connor is 15 years old and is struggling with a brother in the Vietnam War, bitter fighting between his parents, and a friend who's caring for a depressed mother. Then, he discovers a neighbor who wants to end her life. Can Connor help bring any of the people in his circle back to the light? Where is the line between doing what you can and taking responsibility for the decisions of others? 8th grade and up

3. Sticks & Stones by Abby Cooper. 

When Elyse hears words used to describe her, those words appear on her legs or arms. The good words are warm and comforting; bad words itch horribly. Now in middle school, she's trying to hide her condition from her classmates, but then she discovers that even the words she THINKS about herself are now appearing on her skin. This is a powerful and important story for today's middle-grade students. 

2. How to Disappear Completely by Ali Standish. 

Emma is struggling with the loss of her grandmother when she discovers that she has a skin condition called vitiligo. "Award-winning author Ali Standish explores how life transforms us and how we learn to let go of what we must while still holding fast to who we are." (Publishers Weekly.) 

1. Canyon's Edge by Dusti Bowling. 

A year after her mother is killed in a restaurant shooting, Nora is on a hiking trip with her father that goes horribly wrong. Can she survive and find her father? Can either of them find healing from their fears and trauma? Grades 5 and up


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