Get to Know the ICSB Library!

Get to Know the ICSB Library!
Tricia Fraser

Welcome! Get your library questions answered here! 

Here's what you need to know:

Library Hours:
We are open from 8:00-16:00 every school day except Wednesday, when we often need to close at 15:00. 
Online catalog!

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Early Grades

Pre-1st through 5th grade students have a weekly library time when they can check out three books at a time for one or two weeks. If they forget their books on library day, the only consequence is that they can't check out new books that week. Notices about overdue books are sent home once a month. 

group photo of second grade students in the school library


Grades 6-12

Middle grades and upper school students can check out six books at a time for four weeks. They are notified by email and then by notices on their lockers when their books are due. If they're late, they will be fined 20HUF/day, up to a maximum of 500HUF per book. Fines can be paid in the library or worked off through volunteering. 


We love when parents in our community use our library. You're welcome to come set up an account and get books for yourself, or extra books for your students. Parents can check out ten books and keep them for four weeks. 

Community members without children at the school.

People in our community can buy an annual library membership for 6000HUF. That allows them to check out ten books and keep them for two weeks. 

Get a Library Password! 

If you have a username and password in our library system, you can request books, renew them from home, and read ebooks. Let Mrs. Fraser know if you'd like her to help set you up. 

Book Renewal

If your book's due date is coming, but you need more time to finish it, your book can be renewed as long as nobody is waiting for that particular book. You can bring your book to the library to renew it, or send Mrs. Fraser a message. 

Lost or Destroyed Books

It happens to all of us. We checked out the book but can't find it anywhere. If that happens, don't panic. Take your time and have a good look around. If the book is truly lost, the fine will be assigned based on the replacement cost of that particular book, including shipping and tax, but we don't rush to charge you. Keep looking! 

If a book is destroyed, the replacement cost will be the same as if the book was lost. Books that have been soaked with water cannot be kept in the library even if they are dried out, due to the risk of mold. 

Hooked on Books Blog

Watch this space every week for library news, updates, book reviews, and thoughts about literacy. 

We love to help get students excited about reading by connecting them with great books!

Please let us know if you have any questions

Mrs. Tricia Fraser

ICSB Librarian



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