Book Sale Results and Reflections

Book Sale Results and Reflections
Tricia Fraser

Our annual Used Book Sale/Swap is finished. See how we did! 

Every year we have a used book sale during the Winter Classic. We offer thousands of books for only 100 HUF each. It's a LOT of work, and at those prices, we're clearly not doing it for the money.

Why do we do it?


1. For you - families wanting books.

We love to see families stocking up on great finds! 

2. For you - our donors. 

It can be hard to let go of books, but it's easier when you know your books have a good chance of being enjoyed by someone else.  

3. For the books. 

We want to keep the resources circulating in our community and give all the wonderful books a chance to find a new home. 

4. For the Library. 

As the book donations come in, we look through them and choose which ones we would like to add to our library collection. 


Results of this year's book sale:


Thanks to all your donations and the help of our wonderful volunteers....

  • We were able to sell over 1,200 books.
  • We gave almost 400 books to our donors.
  • We added around 60 donated books to our library. 

This year, we were unable to find a local school to take all the leftovers, and there were a LOT of leftovers. We offered them to the community, and students, staff, and parents took even more books for free. The Sanderford Family is delivering all the rest to the National Library of Foreign Literature in early March. 

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Mrs. Tricia Fraser


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