Authors at ICSB!

Authors at ICSB!
Tricia Fraser

Check out two books written by members of our community! 


Elise and Amos and the Faerie Stone by Jess Jenkins

Jess Jenkins, who teaches 8th grade English and ELL, has written Elise and Amos and the Faerie Stone. Published in 2020, this story follows twelve-year-old Elise Alexander, who has been afraid of nearly everything since her parents died five years ago. Moving to a new house is just the latest in a long line of worries. After Elise discovers a troupe of Faerie explorers stranded in her attic, she agrees to help them get back to their home in the Faerie Realm before they make a mess she can't clean up. When the mission goes wrong, Elise must overcome her fears (or at least a few of them) and make it home before Aunt Mim finds out! (back cover) 

This delightful tale can be found in our library's Middle-Grade fantasy section. 


Mission Brazil by Lydia Southwell

Lydia, a 10th-grade student at ICSB, has written Mission Brazil. Published just last summer, this story starts in the picture-perfect town of Willowmill, Texas, where nothing much happens. Analise loves her quiet, normal life. Her friends, her house, and her church are all she could ever ask for, and more. Little did she know, her life was about to take an abrupt turn to the south. Never in her wildest dreams would Analise imagine how her world was about to change. The path ahead will be fraught with twists, turns, and miles of treacherous rainforest. This path will lead her on a perilous mission to bring the best news ever told to the far reaches of the Amazon Rainforest. The journey will test her courage, strength, and determination. Will Analise have what it takes to be a missionary in the Amazon Rainforest, or will she be stretched too far? Does she have the guts to move forward even when she feels stuck? Only time will tell how far she can go. (back cover) 

This inspiring story can be found in our library's Middle-Grade realistic fiction section. 


Mrs. Tricia Fraser





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