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We want students to come and go from ICSB in a safe, efficient, and pleasant way. We have realized that better monitoring and organization are needed to facilitate this. We have implemented some new measures, and here is what you need to know:

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Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of Diósd's annual Advent celebrations each Sunday in December  ICSB students from our music program will sing on Sunday, December 10. Come and celebrate the season as our ICSB students perform.

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This fun schoolwide event is organized by ICSB's NHS Chapter, and the effort supports Hungary's Salvation Army Homeless Ministry. We hope you will help! The competition is organized by houses and runs from Monday, December 4, to Friday, December 8.

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Your students will have outdoor recess unless it is actively raining or below negative seven (-7) degrees Celsius. How can you make sure they are prepared? Read more...

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It is that time of year when sickness becomes more prevalent, especially in community settings like our school. We have seen this recently at ICSB. For example, two positive Covid cases in the Upper School were reported to the school this week.