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ICSB is looking for an English-speaking school nurse for full- or part-time employment, starting January 2023 AND a part-time parent volunteer as well. Please help us spread the news! Read on for the details.

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Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of Diósd's annual Advent celebrations!  ICSB students from our music programs will perform on Sunday, November 27. Come, hear them sing, and play their instruments on the first Sunday of Advent!

4 arms forming a circle symbolizing community

ICSB will host the European Honors Music Festival for ACSI schools from around Europe between March 15-19, 2023. We need parents who can help with this prestigious event! Read on to learn more about the festival and how you can help.

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We have many events happening at ICSB, and it may seem overwhelming to find what pertains to you. Our website's public Calendar page doesn't display all our events! Read more about how and where we make ALL our calendar events available, and how you can find the ones you are interested in.

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Upper School girls are invited to join ICSB's Dance Team to build community, have fun, and learn some not-too-challenging dance choreographies to perform during this year’s Winter Classic at school!