Teacher with students in the classroom

Supplemental Services

Our Supplemental Services Department offers variety of services to students with learning differences.

Resource Assistance: These classes provide one-on-one or small group instruction for students who are unable to keep up with the pace of their classmates or are not yet ready for grade-level material. The individualized, direct, and specialized instruction enables students to develop academically in a way that better meets their needs than the regular classroom. 

NILD Therapy: The National Institute for Learning Differences (NILD) is a US-based organization which trains therapists to work with students with learning differences. This model of intervention is designed to stimulate cognitive and perceptual functioning with the goal of equipping individuals to succeed as independent learners.

Occupational Therapy: OT helps students develop fine and/or gross motor muscles for the purpose of being better able to participate in the daily, routine activities of the school day.

Sensory Integration Program: The SI program is designed to increase sensory awareness through strategic gross motor body movements in students who struggle with learning due to an interruption in the brain's ability to interpret sensory information.

Speech Therapy: This therapy provides diagnosis and specific individual treatment for speech and language delays. Each session is personalized to meet the need of the specific student.