Teacher with students in the classroom

Shared Learning Plan

We understand in these times, that there may be a period of time in which a student cannot be physically present at school. Although, our teachers cannot provide a full distance learning program while also running an on-site program, we do want to support our students who may need to be home temporarily. It is not expected that this would be a sustained learning situation.

In this situation, if a student is well enough to do schoolwork, he/she will not be counted as absent, but as present/remote.

Teachers will:

  • Provide necessary instruction or an alternative to meet learning objectives
  • Provide assignments for students to complete and directions on submitting them
  • Give directions and/or schedule for any live class meetings
  • Record classes, when this is advantageous, and post the recorded class to PowerSchool and/or Teams
  • Assess and give feedback on assignments
  • Inform student when he/she is available to meet

Parents will:

  • Inform the school through the attendance email that the student is participating in the shared learning plan and provide the reason that learning from home is necessary
  • Encourage the student to keep up with schoolwork

Students will:

  • Check in each morning so that the teacher knows the student is learning that day
  • Complete assignments and submit them
  • Attend any scheduled live meetings
  • Be proactive in seeking help when needed