Resources to Discuss the War in Ukraine

Middle school students and their teacher having a panel discussion in history class

Supporting our students mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as they cope with a war in the region, is very important.

Our students are following the events on TV, social media, or overhear conversations. We should recognize that this is a sensitive topic, and a wide variety of emotions, experiences, and opinions exist within our community. There are many with close ties to Ukraine or Russia.

As Christians, we can emphasize our trust in the sovereign Lord in all circumstances. We can all agree about the importance of praying for peace and for safety for all. We do not need to give in to fear.  

Students may want to talk about what they see and are feeling at school or at home, and we can help them navigate this in a healthy, safe, and developmentally appropriate way. Please consider the following resources, looking at their ideas through the lens of Christian faith. They may provide some guidance for you in these important conversations.


Resources for Educators and Families to Support Students


For All Ages



For Elementary/Middle School Students