Teacher with students in the classroom

ICSB Internet Acceptable Use Policy

ICSB believes that the Internet has much to offer students with its wide variety of resources.  Learning to use available information technologies is a valuable life skill.  It is our goal to educate students about efficient, ethical, and appropriate use of those resources.

Thus, we will provide:

  • A reliable connection that is protected by a respected content filtering solution.
  • Supervision of students while they are using the internet.
  • Training for students in appropriate internet use.

The student is held responsible for his/her actions whenever using the internet. The following internet activities are prohibited at ICSB:

  • Using the network for financial transactions or purchasing online items, unless approved by a staff member
  • Illegal activity, including hacking into private networks, distributing malicious software, distributing copyrighted materials and/or logging network data
  • Accessing inappropriate websites including sites containing pornography, extreme violence, and/or other offensive materials
  • Changing settings on school equipment to degrade or disrupt the equipment or system performance.
  • Accessing another person’s school account without their knowledge and permission

The students and his/her parents must understand that the student uses the internet at his/her own risk.  Thus, it is the student (not ICSB) who is responsible for:

  • Student access of inappropriate or unreliable internet content.
  • Costs students incur if they request a product or service for a fee.
  • Illegal activities
  • Unauthorized use of the school’s internet access facility or the failure of the student to comply with the policy.