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High School

Our High School Program is fully departmentalized and offers a complete college-preparatory curriculum, with several Advanced Placement (AP) courses available. Students are challenged to think critically and creatively through both individual and collaborative group work. They actively engage with topics from a biblical worldview, while gaining appreciation for multiple perspectives. We are committed to preparing students for life and work in the 21st century.


Course Offerings

Courses offered at ICSB vary somewhat from year to year depending on the interests of students and the availability of teachers. The following are classes that may be offered at ICSB in grades 9 – 12.

English: Elements of Literature 9, World Literature 10, American Literature 11, British Literature 12, AP Lit and Composition, Fundamentals of English

Mathematics:  Algebra I, Algebra II,Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Discrete Math, AP Statistics

Science: Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics, Anatomy & Physiology

Social Studies: U.S. History, Western Civilization I,  Western Civilization II, AP European History, AP Economics, Civics/Global Issues,  AP Human Geography

Foreign Language: Spanish I, Spanish II, German I, German II

English Language Learners: English Language Learners I, English Language Learners 2

Christian Studies: 9th: Gospel of John 10th: Bible Study Methods/ The Case for Christ 11th: Perspectives/Christian Worldview 12th: Romans/Christian Life

Fine Arts: Choir, Vocal Ensemble,Band, Drama I, Art History

Physical Education: Weights, Physical Education

Other: Personal Finance, Journalism, Communications, Yearbook, Intro to Computer Programming, Web Design

Course Sequence and Credits


Grade 9

Elements of Literature 9 or English Fundamentals 1.0

US History 1.0

Biology 1.0

Algebra I or Geometry 1.0

German I or Spanish I 1.0

Christian Studies 9 1.0

Physical Education or Weights 0.5

Fine Arts and/or Electives 0.5–1.0 

Total credits 6.5-7.5

Grade 10

World Literature Or English Fundamentals 1.0

Western Civilization I 1.0

Physical Science/Chemistry 1.0

Geometry or Algebra II 1.0

German II or Spanish II 1.0

Christian Studies 10 1.0

Physical Education or Weights 0.5

Fine Arts and/or other Electives 0.5-1.0

Total credits 6.5-7.5

Grade 11

American or AP Lit or English Fundamentals 1.0

Western Civilization II or AP European History 1.0

Anatomy and Physiology, Physics or AP Physics 1.0

Algebra II or Pre-Calculus 1.0

Christian Studies 11 1.0

Phys. Ed or Weights 0.5

Fine Arts and/or other Electives 0.5-1.0

Total credits 6.5-7.5

Grade 12

British Literature or Senior English 1.0

Economics/World Problems or AP Human Geography 1.0

Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus or Discrete Math 1.0

Christian Studies 12 1.0

Another Science (Not required) 1.0

Physical Ed. or Weight Training 0.5

Communication/Personal Finance (required) 1.0

Fine Arts and/or other Electives 0.5

Total credits 6.5-7.5






Graduation Requirements

The focus of ICSB is to prepare students for North American colleges and universities. The following requirements apply to all students seeking an ICSB diploma:

Credits Required

English 4

Social Studies 4

Mathematics 4

Science 3

Foreign Language (in one language) 2

Christian Studies 4

Fine Arts 2

Physical Education 1.5

Electives 2.5

Total Credits 26

Guidance Counseling

Our guidance counselor provides academic counseling, advises on ACT/SAT registration, and assists students with college selection, application for admission, and financial aid. ICSB is committed to positioning our students well for success after high school. The guidance counselor also coordinates standardized testing, including PSAT/NMSQT, ACT,  and SAT.

Parent/Student Handbook

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Supply List

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