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Teacher with students in the classroom

High School Distance Learning Plan

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Divisional Priorities and Considerations

  • Teachers will be available through Teams and email during regularly scheduled times. 
  • Unless specifically scheduled, learning tasks will be asynchronous (independent).
  • Students will be informed of specific synchronous activities that require them to be engaged.
  • Students may spend as much as 65 minutes on learning tasks per day, per class, and as much as 105 minutes of learning tasks for AP classes.
  • All classes will continue as distance learning, unless specifically notified by a teacher.


Office Hours Teachers will be available and online during these times
8:15-9:45 Classes that normally meet 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Periods
9:50-11:20 Classes that normally meet 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Periods
12:00-2:00 Synchronous Learning Time as scheduled by specific teachers


Student Roles & Responsibilities

Students will:

  • Check in with each instructor each day to demonstrate engagement.
  • Be active in learning each school day.
  • Submit completed tasks/assignments/assessments on time and engage during scheduled meetings. 
  • Collaborate with other students online when required by teachers.
  • Complete readings and other assignments that are assigned.
  • Demonstrate integrity with assignment and assessment completion.
  • Sign the High School Student Assessment Integrity Form.
  • Be proactive in reaching out to teachers when they have questions or need clarity.

Resources and Communication Methods

  • Resources available to all students include Office365, Unified Classroom, and other class specific resources that will be made available by the classroom teacher.
  • Communication Methods include email, Microsoft Teams, Unified Classroom, and other communication methods specified by the teacher. 

Contact Information

For questions about... Contact:
Student work, classroom resources, or learning activities Classroom teacher through Teams, email, or Unified Classroom
Technology related questions or issues Classroom teacher or
Other Distance Learning related issue Principal: Mr. Michael Southwell