We Enjoy Being Together

Becca Ashton

Amidst the screams and shouts of, “Oh no, Mr. Kelley is coming!” during the game Mission: Impossible, 60+ Middle Grades students strategized and planned with their house teams for victory. A favorite game during the retreat, students enjoyed running around the Martonvásár park under the watchful eyes of the Beethoven statue.

During the Middle Grades Super Friday event on Friday, October 15th students enjoyed a day full of activity, lessons, food, and games.

Sessions and small group discussions led by our own Mrs. Beth Ferguson dived into the story of Jonah and how his character and story speak towards the ICSB core values of COMMUNITY, INTEGRITY and GROWTH. 

Whether during the nature walk with their Team Houses or their class communication activities, Middle Grades students enjoyed the sunny weather and time together off campus. We’re grateful that we came back from the day refreshed and energized with the ICSB community….. and only left four dodgeballs in the lake, a win all around!