Community and Competition

Jess Jenkins and Becca Ashton

Lower Grades students at #ICSBudapest are divided into team houses to build community and to have fun with friendly competition.

The House Community Groups provide a way for the Lower School to become one united community. Middle grade and early grade students and teachers will have the chance to get to know each other better and to participate in fun activities, community building events, and competitions together. Events will focus on our core values of integrity, community, and growth, and students can earn points and awards for their houses by exhibiting these values on a daily basis.

The houses are named in honor of our four ICSB directors through the years; Hiltibran, Welsh, Young, and Ragsdale. On Wednesday, these houses got to know one another better through sharing something about themselves as well as playing the game "Egg-Chicken-Dinosaur" as ice breakers. We're excited for friendly competition and community building this year in the Lower School with our Houses!